About the project

The project explores cross-adaptive processing as a drastic intervention in the modes of communication between performing musicians. Digital audio analysis and processing techniques are used to enable features of one sound to inform the processing of another. This allows the actions of one performer to directly influence another performer’s sound, and doing so only by means of the acoustic signal produced by normal musical expression on the instrument.

The project method is based on iterative practical experimentation done in studio sessions. Typically two acoustic performers and one processing musician participate in a session. Additional observers may participate in the sessions. Sessions are documented by multitrack audio and video recording, and concluded with short personal video interviews with the participants. To enable the cross adaptive processing methods, a number of software tools for this kind of musical performance are developed. Sessions documentation, reflections, software and other material will be available as posts to this blog.

The project is run by the Norwegian University of Technology and Science, Music Technology. We are proud to collaborate with our strong partners De Montfort University, Maynooth University, Queen Mary University of London and University of California San Diego. Our project is strongly based in practical experimentation with said techniques, and for this we rely on collaboration with a range of finely selected performers.

Project leader is professor Øyvind Brandtsegg.

This is the team:
Andreas Bergsland, NTNU
Øyvind Brandtsegg, NTNU
Gary Bromham, Queen Mary University of London / freelance
Solveig Bøe, NTNU
Marije Baalman, freelance
Mats Claesson, Norwegian Academy of Music
Simon Emmerson, De Montfort University / freelance
Trond Engum, NTNU
Thomas Henriksen, NTNU
Ada Mathea Hoel, NTNU student
Iver Jordal, NTNU student
Gyrid Kaldestad, freelance performer
Siv Øyunn Kjenstad, freelance performer
Victor Lazzarini, Maynooth University
Øystein Marker, NTNU student
Miller Puckette, University of California San Diego
Maja S.K. Ratkje, freelance performer
Joshua Reiss, Queen Mary University of London
Sigurd Saue, NTNU
Rory Walsh, Dundalk Insitute of Technology
Bernt Isak Wærstad, NTNU / Norwegian Academy of Music
Carl Haakon Waadeland, NTNU
Tone Åse, NTNU

Additional performers will also be involved