Westerdal session April 2016

Session at Westerdal ACT, OSLO

Participants: Ylva Øyen Brandtsegg, Øyvind Brandtsegg

Objective: Studio use of cross_shimmer effect


Take 1: Cross_shimmer: Vocals as spectral input, Drumset as exciter

Take2: As above, another take on the same musical goal


* Feedback not an issue in the studio setting, so the effect can be fully used as intended.

* The spectral input is taken from Øyvind’s vocal

* The musical effect works as highlighting and prolongation of features/pitches from the vocal input.

* The use of drum set as the exciter lends a more independent feel to the rhythmic action, but perhaps this evaluation is because it is not Øyvind who is playing the exciter signal (as compared with the Tape to Zero session)

*Subjective evaluation: This works quite well

* We would like to optimize the effect so that the analysis stage spends less CPU. It is  currently more CPU heavy than Hadron (1.5x)

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