Session with David Moss in Berlin

Thursday February 1st, we had an enjoyable session at the Universität der Kunste in Berlin. This was at the Grunewaldstraße campus and generously hosted by professor Alberto De Campo. This was a nice opportunity to follow up on earlier collaboration with David Moss, as we have learned so much about performance, improvisation and music in general from him on earlier occations.
Earlier the same week I had presented the crossadaptive project for prof. De Campo’s students of computational art and performance with complex systems. This environment of arts and media studies at UdK was particularly conductive to our research, and we had some very interesting discussions.

David Moss – vocals
Øyvind Brandtsegg – crossadaptive processing, vocals
Alberto De Campo – observer
Marija Mickevica – observer, and vocals on one take

More details on these tracks will follow, currently I just upload them here so that the involved parties might get access.

Initial exploration, the (becoming) classic reverb+delay crossadaptive situation
Test session, exploring one effect only
Test session, exploring one effect only  (2)
First take
Second take
Third take

Then we did some explorations of David telling stories, live convolving with Øyvind’s impulse responses.

Story 1
Story 2

And we were lucky that student Marija Mickevica wanted to try recording live impulse responses while David was telling stories. Here’s an example:

Story with Marija’s impulse responses

And a final take with David and Øyvind, where all previously tested effects and crossadaptive mappings were enabled. Selective mix of effects and modulations was controlled manually by Øyvind during the take.

Final combined take